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“I’m a storyteller with a camera. My passion is to highlight the subtle nuances that make each person unique, catch them at just the right moment, and produce exquisite works of art that will be cherished forever. My photographic aesthetic has been described as editorial, dynamic, and engaging.”

Recognized universally as one of the finest photographic image-makers in the south, he is best known for his evocative editorial photography. Alexander’s entire life has been dominated by his love affair for all things creative. Before officially starting his media company, A1 Media Agency; Alexander referred to himself as a novice photographer with a high following amongst family and friends.

His main attractions are fashion and beauty photojournalism, which enabled him to hone his skills as an editorial publisher. He loves telling the story about the relationships between individuals via photography and making the connection between brands and their end users. Hardworking, outgoing, fun, humble and perpetually curious, to know him and to see his work, is to adore him. Alexander is clearly not your ordinary, his intoxicating personality makes him stand out from the crowd!


In August of 2014, Alexander decided to launch his own publication entitled "Xander Magazine". The world of Xander Magazine is comprised of visual art. Highlighting the latest fashion and beauty trends, along with exceptional editorial photography sits at the core of it's engagement. This publication was designed to pay tribute and present opportunity to those with raw talent worldwide! Alexander aims to inspire, celebrate, educate and provoke movement to those who experience all things Xander.

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